Last Revision:
Version 1.0, 2003-01-14
Shows how to use the timecode media handler.
Build Requirements:
CodeWarrior Pro 2, QuickTime 5.0
Runtime Requirements:

Macintosh developers interested in the qttimecode sample should now download the QTKitTimeCode code sample: http://developer.apple.com/samplecode/QTKitTimeCode/index.html This sample code has been updated for QuickTime 5.0 QTTimeCode is a sample application that illustrates how to use the timecode media handler. You can use QTTimeCode to add a timecode track to a movie, to extract the current timecode value from a movie, to extract the source information about a timecode track, and to toggle the display of a movie's timecode track. 68k or PowerPC (or newer) machines running System 8.5 or later. PC with Intel Pentium or compatible processor. QuickTime 4.0 or later. CodeWarrior Pro 2 or later or Visual C++ 5.0 or later.