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Version 1.0, 2003-01-14
Demonstrates QuickTime VR back buffer routines.
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This sample code has been updated for QuickTime 5.0 VRBackBuffer can open a QuickTime VR panorama movie and, using the BackBuffer menu, execute back buffer routines that assume the back buffer is vertical or horizontal. The sample draws a picture resource into the back buffer at the current pan location. Note that two PICT resources are used in these examples: one that is pre-rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise and one that is not. The pre-rotated pict has a yellow dot in the center to distinguish it from the non-rotated pict. 68k or PowerPC (or newer) machines running System 8.5 or later. PC with Intel Pentium or compatible processor. QuickTime 4.0 or later. CodeWarrior Pro 2 or later or Visual C++ 5.0 or later.