This folder contains the source files for the VRScript demo application. 
VRScript supports embedding sounds, QuickTime movies, pictures, and 
3D objects in a QuickTime VR movie. It does this by reading an external 
script file that contains commands directing the playing of these media. 
VRScript is an example of using the QuickTime VR 2.0 API. 
VRScript exploits virtually all the hooks available to applications 
developers, including back-buffer procedures, prescreen buffer 
procedures, node-entering and node-leaving procedures, intercept 
procedures, and so forth. You are free to use the source code, 
or any modification of it, in your applications. However, you 
should not distribute any modified version of the source code 
without indicating clearly that the source code is based on, 
but not identical to, the VRScript source code.
QuickTime Team