Media Player Framework Reference

The Media Player framework provides facilities for playing movie, music, audio podcast, and audio book files. This framework also gives your application access to the iPod library, letting you find and play audio-based media items synced from iTunes on the desktop. iPod library access is read-only.

This framework’s MPVolumeView class lets you present a control to let the user adjust system audio output volume and choose among the available output routes, such as for sending audio to an AirPlay-enabled device. The MPMoviePlayerController and MPTimedMetadata classes let you play streamed video content and respond to time-based metadata contained in the stream.

Apps can receive and respond to events sent by external media players using Media Player APIs. Use the MPPlayableContentManager class to control the interactions between the app and the external media player. A data source is provided to the content manager through the MPPlayableContentDataSource protocol. Playable media items are described by the MPContentItem class. Register and handle events received from an external media player through the various event APIs.

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