Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to UITableViewCell Class Reference.

2013-09-18Added new cell constants and a property for separator insets.
2011-10-12Describes the multipleSelectionBackgroundView property added in iOS 5.0.
2010-09-17Made some minor corrections.
2010-04-15Corrected description of selectedTextColor:.
2010-02-25Updated for iOS 3.2.
2009-07-30Made minor corrections.
2009-05-19Made minor corrections.
2009-03-08Describes methods and properties added for iOS 3.0.
2008-10-15Modified description of shouldIndentWhileEditing property.
2008-09-09Modified description of the accessoryAction property.
2008-06-04New document that describes the class for defining the attributes and behavior of the cells that appear in UITableView objects.