Introduction to Automator AppleScript Actions Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create an action for the Automator application using AppleScript as the implementation language.

The tutorial assumes that you are familiar with AppleScript, but otherwise has no other prerequisites. It is helpful, however, if you have some experience with AppleScript Studio.

Organization of This Document

This tutorial has the following chapters, which are meant to be read in the given order:

  1. Before You Start gives an overview of Automator actions and workflows. It also describes the action that you will create in the tutorial.

  2. Creating the Project explains how to create an AppleScript action project and identifies the key elements of such projects.

  3. Creating the User Interface shows you how to create the user interface of the action using the Interface Builder application.

  4. Establishing Bindings explains what Cocoa bindings are and describes how you establish bindings for the action.

  5. Configuring the Action discusses how to set the properties of the action in its Info.plist file.

  6. Writing the Action Script shows the script that you write for the action and explains the general structure and behavior of all such scripts.

  7. Building and Testing the Action describes techniques for testing and debugging an action after it is built.