About the FxPlug SDK

The FxPlug SDK is a compact yet powerful image processing plug-in architecture that lets you create new effects for Final Cut Pro and Motion. Download the FxPlug SDK from https://developer.apple.com/download/more/?=FXPlug.

Leveraging technologies such as OpenGL, OpenCL, Quartz, Quartz Composer, and Core Image, you can develop unique plug-ins that include onscreen controls and custom UI elements—all running seamlessly in the host application. FxPlug supports both hardware-accelerated and CPU-based effects.

You can write various types of plug-ins with the FxPlug SDK:

In each case, the video images can be traditional RAM-based bitmaps or hardware-accelerated OpenGL buffers.

A single plug-in can support software rendering, hardware rendering, or both. Implementing a software path is always recommended to provide compatibility with older machines that may not have Quartz Extreme–compatible video hardware.