Explanation of Terms

This article describes terms used in an element or attribute listing.


Availability specifies the versions of Safari in which the element first appeared or was deprecated. Deprecated elements are not guaranteed to be supported in the future. Obsolete elements are not supported and should be replaced or removed from HTML documents. Elements available in Safari for Mac OS X are not automatically available in iOS, and vice versa. If no availability is provided the element availability is the same for all versions of Safari.

Support Level

Support Level specifies the source of a given element if it is not part of a W3C standard or otherwise supported by the majority of current browsers. The value “Apple extension” indicated the property is defined by Apple. These properties are fully supported by WebKit and Safari. A few of these extensions, where noted, are specific to Safari on iOS.

Tags may be shifted to other categories as time passes, particularly as elements are added to relevant standards.