About Spotlight Importers

Spotlight metadata importers extract metadata from custom file formats after files are saved, copied, or moved. That custom metadata can then be searched from applications, both System applications and custom applications,. The files can be searched on local disks and networked storage on OS X.

Who Should Read This Document

If your applications supports saving its custom file formats to disk, you should consider providing Spotlight support by implementing a metadata importer.

Read this document to learn how metadata importers work and how to write an importer.

Organization of This Document

The following articles cover key concepts in understanding how metadata importers work:

These articles explain how to implement metadata importers:

See Also

There are other aspects of Spotlight metadata, not covered, by this document,that are fundamental to implementing a metadata importer. For example, this document does not explain the commonly used metadata keys or provide guidelines on using those keys to their full potential. Refer to these documents for more details: