Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Apple Help Programming Guide.


Fixed language code in Creating a Basic Help Book.


Documents a new bundle structure for Apple Help books. Multiple help books are being deprecated.


See Organizing the Help Book Bundle.


Added information about Knowledge Base searching, ExactMatch, and generated lists. Updated all screen shots.


See Providing Your Own Online Support Articles, Setting Up Exact Match Searching, and Generating Lists from Anchors.


Also, see Printing A Page’s URL, Opening an External Web Page in Help Viewer, and Automating Help Tasks with AppleScript.


Updated for OS X v10.4 and OS X v10.5. Changed the title from "Providing User Assistance With Apple Help"


Updated HTML 3.2 references to HTML 4.01 and specified that the title page must be XHTML 1.0.


Updated information about how to organize the help book folder (Organizing the Help Book Bundle).


Changed Apple Help Indexing Tool references to Help Indexer utility and documented the use of the new utility to index a help book (Indexing Your Help Book).


Updated character encoding information to specify UTF-8 (Character Encoding).


Added some information about localizing help books (Localizing Your Help Book).


Revised procedures for registering your help book to use Xcode rather than Project Builder (Help Book Registration).


Added revision history. Updated with new location of Apple Help Indexing Tool. Updated cross-references.


Revision of preliminary version.