Introduction to Combo Boxes

A Combo box is a control that gives the user two ways to enter a value: entering it directly in a text field, or choosing it from a pop-up list of pre-selected values.

Developers who want to incorporate a combo box into their user interface should read this document.

Organization of This Document

This topic describes how to use a combo box; How Combo Boxes Work gives basic information on combo boxes. Providing Data for a Combo Box describes how to provide data for the combo box’s pop-up list. Setting the Combo Box’s Value describes how to set and retrieve the combo box’s value. Managing the Combo Box’s List describes how to use the combo box’s pop-up list. Using Automatic Completion in Combo Boxes describes how the combo box can try to complete what the user enters into the text field.

Because NSComboBox is a subclass of NSTextField, see Text Fields for more information.