Introduction to Text Editing Programming Guide for Cocoa

Text Editing Programming Guide for Cocoa describes ways in which you can control the behavior of the Cocoa text system as it performs text editing. Text editing is the modification of text characters or attributes by interacting with text objects. Usually, editing is performed by direct user action with a text view, but it can also be accomplished by programmatic interaction with a text storage object. This document also discusses the text input system that translates keyboard events into commands and text input.

Who Should Read This Document

You should read this programming topic if you need to understand how text editing in Cocoa works and how to modify that behavior.

To understand the information in this programming topic you should have prior general knowledge of the Cocoa text system’s capabilities and architecture, as well as basic Cocoa programming conventions.

Organization of This Document

This programming topic contains the following articles:

See Also

The other guides and programming topics in the text system area also have information related to text editing. In addition, please refer to the other text-related code samples installed with Xcode Tools in /Developer/Examples/AppKit, including complete source code for the TextEdit application that ships with OS X.