Introduction to Event-Driven XML Programming Guide for Cocoa

XML is a markup language that allows you to describe the structure of a document’s data entirely in text, using tags that you can arbitrarily define. (“XML” stands for “Extensible Markup Language”.) The rules governing the structure are specified in a language schema such as DTD (Document Type Definition). Cocoa provides a class, NSXMLParser, whose instances are event-driven parsers (sometimes called streaming parsers) that sequentially find the constructs of an XML document as well as any associated DTD declarations. They report what they find to a delegate, and it is up to the delegate to do something with this data. This document explains how to use NSXMLParser.

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There are many websites that are rich sources of information on XML, DTD, XML tools, open-source parsers, and related specifications and technologies. A few of them are listed below, but a search of the Internet (with, for example, “XML tutorial” in the search field) will find many excellent sources of information: