Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment, includes documentation access features that allows users to easily search and view Apple’s developer documentation. If your documentation is properly packaged, it can also take part in these features, and appear in Xcode's documentation and Quick Help windows.

This document explains how to package and build a documentation set for use with Xcode. If you have a developer-targeted software product, this document shows you how to integrate documentation for that product with the Xcode Documentation window. This document assumes that you have existing HTML or PDF documentation files; it does not describe how to write or generate these documentation files.

Before reading this document, you should be familiar with the documentation viewing and access features that are available in Xcode. For a complete description of these features and how to use them, see Documentation Access in Xcode Workspace Guide.

In this document the term documentation producer (or producer for short) identifies a person involved in creating documentation sets. The term documentation user (or user for short) refers to Xcode users who access documentation sets installed on their file systems using the Xcode Documentation window or Quick Help.

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