Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Dynamic Library Programming Topics.


Updated to use automatic reference counting.


Updated reference software to OS 10.7 and the Xcode 4.3.3 Command Line Tools component.


Adopted automatic reference counting (ARC) in Objective-C–based code listings.


Replaced use of GCC (gcc) with LLVM compiler (clang).


Update example code to new initializer pattern.


Added information about run-path dependent libraries.


Added Run-Path Dependent Libraries.


Made minor corrections.


Fixed small errors in content and example code. Switched to using ~/include and ~/lib instead of /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib as working locations for headers and libraries.


Added information on using libtool to create libraries and on locating external resources using file-path macros.


Added details about @executable_path and @loader_path in Locating External Resources.


Added tip on using libtool to build dynamic libraries in Setting the Library’s Version Information.


Added information about the creation and usage of private embedded frameworks.


Added information to Using Dynamic Libraries > Installing Dependent Libraries.


Made minor correctness changes.


Removed extraneous code lines from Listing 3.


Corrected errors and typos.


Changed LS_LIBRARY_PATH to LD_LIBRARY_PATH in Using Dynamic Libraries.


Changed DYLD_PRIINT_STATISTICS to DYLD_PRINT_INITIALIZERS and corrected description for DYLD_PRINT_SEGMENTS in Logging Dynamic Loader Events.


New document that shows how to correctly design, implement, and use dynamic libraries.