This chapter explains how to troubleshoot HeaderDoc issues, including explanations of error messages, in the form of a Q&A list.

This troubleshooting guide assumes that you are running the latest version of HeaderDoc (currently 8.8). If not, you should first upgrade to the latest version and see if your problem goes away.

You can get the latest version of HeaderDoc on the Apple Open Source website: Choose the most recent version of OS X or Xcode, then search for headerdoc on the page, and click the download link in the rightmost column. Except as described below, HeaderDoc should work correctly on earlier versions of OS X. If it does not, please file a bug.

Common Error Messages

Other error messages generally fall into one of two categories: self-explanatory errors (such as “Unknown tag @whatever in function comment”) or utterly unintelligible (such as “Parser bug: empty outer type”). In the case of the former, please fix the appropriate declaration. In the case of the latter, pleas file a bug. Which brings us to the last question....

Unexpected Behavior

        typedef struct mystruct {int a;} mystruct_t;

Other Issues