Introduction to Porting CodeWarrior Projects to Xcode

This document describes how to move Mac OS software projects from CodeWarrior to Xcode, the Apple integrated development environment. It lists similarities and differences between the two environments, describes how to import a CodeWarrior project into Xcode, and provides detailed information on many conversion issues.

The Xcode application is part of the developer tools distributed with Mac OS X version 10.3 and later. It provides a powerful user interface to many industry-standard and open-source tools, including GCC, javac, jikes, and GDB. Xcode contains templates for creating applications, frameworks, libraries, plug-ins, Java applications and applets, and command-line tools. Xcode supports both Cocoa and Carbon development, using C, C++, Objective-C, and Java.

Although this document generally describes how to convert CodeWarrior projects that build applications, much of the information can be applied to projects that build plug-ins, bundles, frameworks, and other kinds of software.

CodeWarrior descriptions and examples in this document are based on CodeWarrior Pro version 8.3 for Macintosh.


This document is intended for CodeWarrior users, and assumes that you have some familiarity with the Mac OS, including Mac OS X.

The primary documentation for performing operations with Xcode is Xcode 2.2 User Guide.

Further Reading

The following documents provide information on moving other kinds of software to Mac OS X.

You can find additional information about porting code to Mac OS X in the Porting Documentation area.

Organization of This Document

This document contains the following:

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