Introduction to PackageMaker User Guide

Software packaging is the process used to put a software product into an installation package so that it can be installed by the users of the product on their computers. To package a product you use the PackageMaker application, which is part of the Xcode developer software suite.

This document shows how to use PackageMaker to create installation packages.

People who take finished product files and create installation packages for them are known as packagers. With PackageMaker, packagers accomplish these objectives:

You should read this document if you have a software product that you want to deliver to its users in a way that allows you to define certain aspects of the user install experience and details about how the product files are to be placed on the user’s file system.

To get the most out of this document, you should be familiar with Software Delivery Guide, which describes the software delivery model used in OS X.

Organization of This Document

This document contains the following chapters:

This document also contains a glossary and a revision history.

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