Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to SDK Compatibility Guide.


Added an explanation of how to use the NS_CLASS_AVAILABLE macro in Using Weakly Linked Classes in iOS.


Updated and improved the Configuring a Project for SDK-Based Development and Using SDK-Based Development chapters.


Improved the Using Weakly Linked Methods, Functions, and Symbols section by adding information on checking the availability of external symbols.


Corrected an example that shows how to use conditional compilation macros.


Clarified build setting information.


Changed the title from Cross-Development Programming Guide. Added information about iOS SDK-based development. Revised text significantly and removed obsolete information.


Added details on cross-development and universal binaries.


Added chapter “Determining the Version of a Framework”. Noted requirement to build with GCC 3.3 when targeting OS X versions prior to OS X v10.3.0. Corrected OS X version requirements for code compiled with GCC 4.0. Added links to further information on building universal binaries from the command line. Changed deployment target in example.


Corrected a build-setting specification and added per-architecture-build-setting availability details.


Corrected specification for LDFLAGS build setting in “Configuring a Makefile-Based Project”. Added availability details for the per-architecture build settings feature.


Added a link to Technical Note TN2163, which describes how to develop a universal I/O Kit driver.


Made minor corrections.


Added information on building universal binary versions of kernel extensions.


Clarified use of LDFLAGS.


Added a section on using cross-development to create universal binaries. Added information on identifying deprecated API. Corrected errors.


Added “Cross-Development and Universal Binaries” chapter. Added Finding Instances of Deprecated API Usage. Reorganized content to create separate sections for configuring cross-development settings in Xcode and in makefile-based projects. Corrected sample code listing in Conditionally Compiling for Different SDKs.


Fixed a bug in code that checks for the existence of a symbol. Updated steps for setting a deployment target to reflect Xcode 2.1.


Updated information about checking for undefined functions. Added information about how to support SDKs from command-line programs.


Made a number of changes throughout this document to reflect the final status of cross-development support as it shipped in OS X version 10.3.


First general release of document.