Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Information Property List Key Reference.


Revisions to various property list keys, including armv7 and arm64.


Add information about the UIAppSupportsHDR key for tvOS.


Updated the nfc UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key and the CFBundleIconName Core Foundation key documentation.


Described the arkit and nfc UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities keys. Described the CFBundleIconName Core Foundation key.


Updated watchOS keys. Added keys for the document browser and the File Provider extension.


Added new SiriKit keys for specifying app synonyms.


Added information about the CFBundleAlternateIcons key and the launch storyboard keys.


For the NSAppTransportSecurity key, added a new section: Supporting Older Operating Systems.


Corrected the App Transport Security key name for media loads, to NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsForMedia.


Updated guidance in App Store Review for ATS.


Added keys for providing purpose strings for accessing user data or device resources: NSAppleMusicUsageDescription, NSHomeKitUsageDescription, NSSiriUsageDescription, NSSpeechRecognitionUsageDescription, and NSVideoSubscriberAccountUsageDescription.


Throughout the Cocoa Keys chapter, added warnings to all purpose string (…UsageDescription) keys explaining that, to support user privacy, you must statically declare your intent to use protected resources.


Added a description for the iOS keys CoreSpotlightContinuation, UIWhitePointAdaptivityStyle, and UIApplicationShortcutWidget.


Added descriptions for four NSAppTransportSecurity subkeys: NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsInMedia, NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsInWebContent, NSAllowsLocalNetworking, and NSRequiresCertificateTransparency. Also expanded and clarified the description of the NSAppTransportSecurity key.


Removed all mention of the following third-party-server exception keys from the description for the NSAppTransportSecurity key; Apple no longer expects apps to specify any of them: NSThirdPartyExceptionAllowsInsecureHTTPLoads, NSThirdPartyExceptionRequiresForwardSecrecy, NSThirdPartyExceptionMinimumTLSVersion.


Added a note in the See Also section, in About Info.plist Keys and Values, describing keys specific to kernel extension development.


Clarified the guidance for use of the CFBundleShortVersionString and NSHomeKitUsageDescription keys.


Corrected the information about language IDs for the CFBundleDevelopmentRegion key.


Added the Safari App Extension Keys section to the App Extension Keys chapter.


Added listing of two tvOS app extension keys, and, in Table 2.


Added description for the WKBackgroundModes key, as well as watchOS information for the audio subkey of the UIBackgroundModes key.


Added description for the UIUserInterfaceStyle key for tvOS.


Added description for the GCSupportsMultipleMicroGamepads key for tvOS and for the GCSupportedGameControllers key for tvOS, iOS, and macOS.


Renamed the “OS X Keys” chapter to macOS Keys.


Added a description for the NSSupportsPurgeableLocalStorage key for declaring support for Shared iPad, a feature of iOS device management.


Added a description for the NETestAppMapping key for testing and development of per-app VPN app extensions.


Improved and expanded the guidance for the NSAppTransportSecurity (App Transport Security) key.


Added descriptions for the keys for configuring App Transport Security (ATS). See the NSAppTransportSecurity section.


Added information, in the CFBundleIcons section, about use of icon files in tvOS.


Added descriptions for the UIApplicationShortcutItems key, and related keys, for specifying static Home screen quick actions on devices that support 3D Touch.


Added a description for the LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace Launch Services key.


Added a new chapter: watchOS Keys.


Updated guidance in the Creating Platform- and Device-Specific Keys section.


Added information about the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes key, which lets you specify the URL schemes an app is able to test with the canOpenURL: method.


Updated the description of the CFBundleURLTypes key to mention its relationship with the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes key.


Added the NSExtensionPointIdentifier string for a WatchKit App extension.


Added new keys introduced in iOS 8.


Added the opengles-3 key for required device capabilities.


Added OS X v10.9 availability for NSLocationUsageDescription.


Added keys introduced in iOS 7.


Added keys related to the configuration of an app to support 3rd party map directions and keys related to user privacy.


Added info to CFBundleURLTypes regarding RSS feeds.


Added a new value to the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key to reflect support for low-power Bluetooth hardware.


Incorporates keys introduced in iOS 5.0.


Added information about key support in OS X v10.7.


Corrected the availability of the LSMinimumSystemVersion and MinimumOSVersion keys.


Fixed some typographical errors.


Changed references of iOS to iOS.


Added new keys introduced in iOS 4.0.


Added keys specific to iOS 3.2.


Removed the LSHasLocalizedDisplayName key, which was deprecated in OS X v10.2.


New document describing the keys you can use in a bundle's Info.plist file.