Introduction to DVD Playback Services Programming Guide

This guide is written for developers who want to learn how to use DVD Playback Services, the programming interface for the DVD Playback framework. DVD Playback Services is a core technology introduced in OS X version 10.3.

You can use DVD Playback Services in a Mac app to display any DVD-Video recording located on an optical disc or a mass storage device such as a hard drive. The DVD Playback Services API makes it easy for applications to incorporate basic video playback features such as selecting a title from a menu and playing the title, as well as advanced features such as bookmarks. Apple's DVD Player application uses DVD Playback Services extensively.

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DVD is a big subject, and excellent technical documentation is available in bookstores and online to help you acquire a basic understanding of DVD concepts and terminology. This document assumes that you’re familiar with DVD basics.

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An appendix contains a glossary that defines many of the terms used in this guide. Readers new to DVD may find it useful to read through the glossary before diving into the programming concepts.

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