Introduction to PDF Kit Programming Guide

PDF Kit is a technology that allows you to display and manipulate PDF documents in your applications. By implementing aspects of Adobe’s PDF specification for you, PDF Kit minimizes development time on your part. Even Apple’s own applications such as Safari and Preview use PDF Kit to display PDF content.

PDF Kit is available in OS X v10.4 and later.

Who Should Read This Document

The audience for this document is any Cocoa developer who wants to display, edit, or search PDF documents in applications. This document assumes you have some familiarity with Cocoa and Objective-C programming.

PDF Kit is extremely flexible, allowing you as much or as little control over PDF documents as you like. Whether you simply want to display a PDF document in a help window or you want to create a full-featured PDF editor, PDF Kit can simplify your task.

Organization of This Document

This document is organized into the following chapters:

See Also

Adobe Corporation’s PDF specification is the main resource for describing PDF documents. You can download the latest version (in PDF form, naturally) from the following website: