Introduction to Quartz Composer User Guide

Quartz Composer is a development tool for processing and rendering graphical data. Its visual programming environment lets you develop graphic processing modules, called compositions, without writing a single line of code. Quartz Composer is also a framework that lets you programmatically access, manage, and manipulate compositions created with the development tool. This document, however, is a guide to the Quartz Composer development tool supplied in OS X v10.5. By reading this guide, you’ll get an introduction to using the Quartz Composer editor and find out how to use it to create a composition. You’ll also see how to use compositions as screen savers and in QuickTime movies.

You should read this document if you are a developer or visual designer who wants to:

Quartz Composer brings together a rich set of graphical and nongraphical technologies, including Quartz 2D, Core Image, Core Video, OpenGL, QuickTime, MIDI System Services, RSS (Really Simple Syndication), and XML. The development tool lets you explore the visual technologies available in OS X without needing to learn the programming interface for that technology.

The information in this document pertains to OS X v10.5.

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