This chapter previously described the basic text support provided by Quartz. However, the low-level support provided by Quartz has been deprecated and superceded by Core Text, an advanced low-level technology for laying out text and handing fonts. Core Text is designed for high performance and ease of use and allows you to draw Unicode text directly to a graphics context. If you are writing an application that needs precise control over how text is displayed, see Core Text Programming Guide.

If you are developing a text application for iOS, look first at Text Programming Guide for iOS, which describes text support in iOS. In particular, UIKit provides classes that implement common tasks, making it easy to add text to your application:

If you are developing a text application for Mac OS X, look first at Cocoa Text Architecture Guide, which describes the Cocoa text system. Cocoa provides full Unicode support, text input and editing, precise text layout and typesetting, font management, and many other advanced text-handling capabilities.