About the Particle Emitter Editor

The particle emitter editor in Xcode provides an area in which you can change the values for a particle emitter and immediately see the results.

Particle emitters are a function of the SpriteKit framework that allow you to specify a specific point in their display and create images that move and change over time. Using emitters, you can simulate rain, snow, fire, and many other effects in your game.


At a Glance

Particle emitters provide you with a quick and efficient way to add special effects to their SpriteKit apps. Emitters can range from a single image that barely moves to thousands of small particles flying around the screen. You can control the following emitter items:

How to Use This Document

This document is intended for developers that are incorporating particle emitters into their SpriteKit–enabled apps. The following chapters describe how to use and add an emitter to your app:

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