Game Center is an Apple network service that provides social gaming functionality to games. To support many of the Game Center features, you provide information about your app to the Apple service: information such as the text and images to display in Game Center and how to manage data collected from players. To provide this information to the Game Center servers, you create an iTunes Connect record and add the Game Center configuration details to it. This document describes how to add Game Center configuration information into an existing iTunes Connect record for an app.

You’re ready to add Game Center configuration information in iTunes Connect after you’ve started developing the app and designing its social gaming features and before you’ve tested these features in Game Center.


When developing a game, you may well develop, design, configure, and test Game Center components in parallel rather than implement each step completely before moving on to the next.

If you aren’t already familiar with Game Center functionality, read Game Center Programming Guide before this document. If you aren’t already familiar with iTunes Connect, read iTunes Connect Developer Guide before this document.

At a Glance

The process involved in using iTunes Connect to configure Game Center components for your app includes enabling Game Center features, configuring Game Center components, and associating the Game Center features with the version of the app you’re submitting to the store.


Game Center Configuration in iTunes Connect

You enable Game Center and configure Game Center components for all versions of an app. When you’re ready to submit a version of an app to the store, you associate specific Game Center components with that app version. In this way you can configure a superset of Game Center components and then make them available gradually in successive versions of an app.

Game Center Components

As you configure Game Center features in iTunes Connect, you’ll encounter the following terms that describe Game Center components:

Game Center includes other features such as Matchmaking and Challenges that don’t have corresponding iTunes Connect configurations.

Testing Game Center with Your App

Testing Game Center functionality requires access to the Game Center service before your game is available to users. In iTunes Connect, you can create test user accounts that allow development versions of your game to use Game Center. Don’t forget to delete scores from these test accounts before your game is posted to the store.

Importing Game Center Metadata

You can configure many Game Center components and deliver the metadata in an App Store package using Transporter. See App Metadata Specification and Transporter Quick Start Guide. These documents are available to iTunes Connect users in the Resources and Help section.


How to Use This Document

Use this document to augment the instructions provided in iTunes Connect.


This document assumes that you’re developing a Game Center-aware game and you’ve already:

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