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Creating a Java Client WebObjects Application


Table of Contents

Overview of Java Client

Advantages of Java

Java Client Architecture

    Data Synchronization Between Client and Server

Java Client as a WebObjects Application

Java Client Layers and Classes

    Client Interface and Control Layers

    The Distribution Layer

       Client Distribution Classes

       Server Distribution Classes

Programming With Java Client



Enterprise Objects and Relational Databases

What Goes Into the StudioManager Application

Creating the StudioManager Project

    Using the Wizard

       Creating a Model

       Selecting the Application Template

The Ingredients of a Java Client Project

    Client Files

       The Nib File

       The Interface Controller

    Server Files

       The WOJavaClientApplet Component

       Other Server Files

Verifying and Modifying the Model

    Assigning Primary Keys

    Removing Primary and Foreign Keys as Class Properties

Creating the User Interface

    Formatting Currency Values and Dates

    Adding Action Methods

Building and Testing Your Application

    Testing the Interface

    Building the Application

    Running a Java Client Application

    What if It Doesn't Work?

Adding Relationships

    Adding Movies to the Application

    Creating a Master-Detail Interface

Transferring Movies Between Studios

Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Model

Adding Behavior to Your Enterprise Objects

    Specifying Custom Enterprise Object Classes

    Generating Source Files

    Implementing Custom Behavior for Your Classes

       Distributing Business Logic in Java Client Applications

       Writing Derived Methods

       Performing Validation

       Providing Default Values for Newly Inserted Objects

       Invoking Server Methods Remotely

       Controlling the User Interface

Advanced Tasks

Debugging Java Client WebObjects Applications

    Debugging Server Code

    Debugging Client Code

Customizing Your Project With Wizards

    Adding Client-side Subprojects

    Adding Interface Controller Subclasses and Nib Files

    Adding Web Components (with Interface Controllers)

    Manual Adjustments to Java Client Projects

Enterprise Objects Framework Concepts

Note to Oracle Users

What is an Enterprise Object?

What is a Model?

What are EODisplayGroups and EOEditingContexts?

What is an Association?

When Do You Use a Custom Enterprise Object Class?

Adding Behavior to Enterprise Objects


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