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Inherits from: EOClassDescription : NSObject
Conforms to: NSObject
Declared in: EOAccess/EOEntity.h

Class Description

EOEntityClassDescription is the subclass of the control layer's EOClassDescription. The EOClassDescription class provides a mechanism for extending classes by giving them access to metadata not available in the run-time system. EOEntityClassDescription extends the behavior of enterprise objects by deriving information about them (such as NULL constraints and referential integrity rules) from an associated EOModel. For detailed information on the methods, see the EOClassDescription class specification.

In the typical scenario in which an enterprise object has a corresponding model file, the first time a particular operation is performed on a class (such as validating a value), an EOClassDescriptionNeeded... notification (either an EOClassDescriptionNeededForClassNotification or an EOClassDescriptionNeededForEntityNameNotification) is broadcast. When an EOModel object receives this notification it registers the metadata (class description) for the EOEntity on which the enterprise object is based. This class description is used from that point on.

Instance Methods


- (EOEntity *)entity

Returns the entity associated with the receiver.

See Also: - initWithEntity:


- initWithEntity:(EOEntity *)anEntity

Initializes a newly allocated EOEntityClassDescription with anEntity. Returns self.

Table of Contents