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EOGenericRecord Additions

Category of: EOGenericRecord
Declared in: EOAccess/EOGenericRecord.h

Category Description

The access layer adds one method to the control layer's EOGenericRecord class, for returning a generic record's associated EOEntity. Strictly speaking, EOGenericRecord doesn't rely on the access layer. However, in applications that access a relational database, the access layer's modeling objects are an important part of how generic records map to database rows: If an EOModel doesn't have a custom enterprise object class defined for a particular entity, an EODatabaseChannel using that model creates EOGenericRecords when fetching objects for that entity from the database server. During this process, an EODatabaseChannel also sets each generic record's classDescription to an EOEntityClassDescription, providing the link to the record's associated modeling objects.

Instance Methods


- (EOEntity *)entity

Returns the receiver's EOEntity.

Table of Contents