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EOQualifier Additions

Category of: EOQualifier
Declared in: EOAccess/EOSQLQualifier.h

Category Description

The access layer adds one method to the EOQualifier class, for "rerooting" a qualifier to another entity. EOQualifiers (except EOSQLQualifier) aren't based on SQL and they don't rely upon an EOModel. Because this method reroots a qualifier in terms of model objects, it is only useful to the classes in the access layer. It is not used in in-memory searches.

Instance Methods


- (EOQualifier *)qualifierMigratedFromEntity:(EOEntity *)entity relationshipPath:(NSString *)relationshipPath

Creates a copy of the receiver, translates all the copy's keys to work with the entity specified in relationshipPath, and returns the copy. The receiver's keys are all specified in terms of entity. For example, assume that an Employee entity has a relationship to a Department entity named "department". You could migrate a qualifier described in terms of the Employee entity ( = ‘Finance', for example) to a qualifier described in terms of the Department entity (name = ‘Finance'). To do so, you send a qualifierMigratedFromEntity:relationshipPath: message with the Employee entity as the entity and "department" as the relationship path.

Table of Contents