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EOModelGroup Class Delegate

(informal protocol)
Declared in: EOAccess/EOModelGroup.h

Protocol Description

An EOModelGroup object should have a delegate which can influence how it finds and loads models. In addition to the delegates you assign to EOModelGroup instances, the EOModelGroup class itself can have a delegate. The class delegate implements a single method- defaultModelGroup.

For more information on EOModelGroup instance delegate methods, see the EOModelGroup Delegate protocol specification.

Instance Methods


- (EOModelGroup *)defaultModelGroup

If implemented by the EOModelGroup class delegate, this method should return the EOModelGroup to be returned in response to the message defaultModelGroup. If this delegate method returnsnil, EOModelGroup uses the default behavior of the defaultModelGroup class method. Note that this method is implemented by the delegate assigned to the EOModelGroup class object.

See Also: + classDelegate (EOModelGroup class), + setClassDelegate: (EOModelGroup class)

Table of Contents