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Inherits from:
EOView : javax.swing.JPanel : javax.swing.JComponent : java.awt.Container : java.awt.Component : Object
NSDisposable (EOView)

Class Description

EOMatrix is a class used to group collections of mutually exclusive JRadioButtons and to lay them out on a grid. It is a subclass of EOView that uses a java.awt.GridLayout.

Note: This class doesn't exist in the package.

For more information on the way a matrix of JRadioButtons behaves, see the Sun class documentation for javax.swing.ButtonGroup.



public EOMatrix(String debuggingHint, int rows, int cols, int rowSpacing, int colSpacing)

Creates and returns a new EOMatrix object. The debuggingHint argument is a string you can use to uniquely identify the view. When the form is instantiated from a nib file, the debuggingHint is a string generated by Interface Builder.

Instance Methods


public java.awt.Component add(java.awt.Component radioButton)

Adds radioButton if it's an instance of javax.swing.JRadioButton, otherwise simply returns.

Table of Contents