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Inherits from:
EOAssociation : EODelayedObserver : NSObject
EOObserving (EODelayedObserver)

Class Description

EORadioMatrixAssociation displays a string or an integer in an NSMatrix. EORadioMatrixAssociation includes three aspects: selectedTitle, which is useful for values representable as strings; selectedTag, for integer values; and enabled for enabling and disabling the NSMatrix.

Note: This class doesn't exist in the package.

Usable With

selectedTitle An attribute of the selected object whose values can be represented as strings.
selectedTag An integer attribute of the selected object.
enabled A boolean attribute of the selected object, which determines whether the matrix is enabled.

Object Keys Taken
target When the user chooses an item in the matrix, the EORadioMatrixAssociation updates the selected object's property with the item's title or tag.

Instance Methods


public void setTagValueForOther(int tag)

Records tag as the "unknown" tag. When a property value doesn't match any other tag in the matrix, the EORadioMatrixAssociation automatically selects the item for this tag. If there's no item for this tag, the radio button selection isn't changed. This tag value is by default -1.


public int tagValueForOther()

Returns the "unknown" tag.

Table of Contents