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Inherits from:
javax.swing.JTextField : javax.swing.JTextComponent : javax.swing.JComponent : java.awt.Container : java.awt.Component : Object

Class Description

EOTextField is a subclass of javax.swing.JTextField that adds the notion of selectability.

Note: This class doesn't exist in the package.

When an EOTextField object is selectable, it behaves in every way as a JTextField. However, when an EOTextField is not selectable, its text can't be selected. An EOTextField is selectable by default. To set it so it's not selectable, invoke setSelectable with false.

Instance Methods


public boolean isFocusTraversable()

Returns the result of the super's implementation if the receiver is selectable, false otherwise.


public void setSelectable(boolean flag)

Sets the receiver as selectable if flag is true, or as unselectable otherwise.

Table of Contents