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Inherits from:
java.awt.LayoutManager (java.awt.LayoutManager2)

Class Description

EOViewLayout is an AWT LayoutManager for use in Java Client application (using It implements the geometry options available in Interface Builder's Size inspector. The size of a Component embedded in a Container using this layout will be a function of both its autosizing mask and its initial size (see setAutosizingMask for details).

Note: This class doesn't exist in the package.


EOViewLayout defines the following int constants:

For more information on what these constants are and how they're used, see the method description for setAutosizingMask.



public EOViewLayout()

Any consumers of EOViewLayout should use the defaultInstance.

Static Methods


public static EOViewLayout defaultInstance()

Returns that single instance of the receiver used to lay out all InterfaceBuilder-generated Containers.

Instance Methods


public void setAutosizingMask( java.awt.Component component, int mask)

Sets the autosizing mask of component to mask. This information is subsequently used by the receiver to calculate the new location and dimensions of component whenever its parent is resized. The mask should be some bitwise combination of the following:
Constant Description
MaxXMargin the distance between component's right edge and that of its parent may be adjusted
MinXMargin component's left edge distance may be adjusted
MaxYMargin the distance between component's bottom edge and that of its parent may be adjusted
MinYMargin component's top edge distance may be adjusted
WidthSizable component's width may be adjusted
HeightSizable component's height may be adjusted
BothSizable both width and height may be adjusted

Note that unless mask is 0 (zero), the default mask, component's adjusted size is a factor of its size when setAutosizingMask was invoked.

Table of Contents