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Interface Description

EOTableColumnAssociation.TableColumnCustomizer is an interface the API an object uses to specify custom editors and renderers for an EOTableColumnAssociation.

Note: This interface doesn't exist in the package.

To use your own editor or renderer in the JTable of an EOTable, you define a class that implements EOTableColumnAssociation.TableColumnCustomizer's two methods: editorForAssociation, which should return an editor for the specified association, and rendererForAssociation, which should return a renderer for the specified association. Register an instance of your TableColumnCustomizer using EOTableColumnAssociation's static method setTableColumnCustomizer.

For more information on how TableColumnCustomizers are used, see the EOTableColumnAssociation class specification.

Instance Methods


public abstract EOColumnEditor editorForAssociation(EOTableColumnAssociation tableColumnAssociation)

Returns the EOColumnEditor to be used for tableColumnAssociation's display object (a javax.swing.table.TableColumn).


public abstract javax.swing.table.TableCellRenderer rendererForAssociation(EOTableColumnAssociation tableColumnAssociation)

Returns the TableCellRenderer to be used for tableColumnAssociation's display object (a javax.swing.table.TableColumn).

Table of Contents