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Inherits from: EOAdaptor : NSObject
Declared in: OracleEOAdaptor/OracleAdaptor.h

Class Description

An OracleAdaptor represents a single connection to an Oracle database server, and is responsible for keeping login and model information, performing Oracle-specific formatting of SQL expressions, and reporting errors.

The OracleAdaptor class has these restrictions: You can't have nested transactions, and the adaptor doesn't support full outer joins.


OracleAdaptor defines the following string constants for use as connection dictionary keys.

Constant Corresponding value in the connection dictionary
ServerIdKey The server ID. Used as the string to connect to the database if values for HostMachineKey, UserNameKey, and PasswordKey are not present in the database.
HostMachineKey The name of the host machine. If this key is not present, the string used to log in to the database is of the form "userName/password@serverId".
UserNameKey The name of the user to log in as.
PasswordKey The user's password.
ConnectionStringKey The connection string used to log in to a database server. If this key is present, ServerIdKey, HostMachineKey, UserNameKey, and PasswordKey are ignored.
NlsLangKey The setting to NLS_LANG, which is used to specify the language and character set for server connections. On J systems this option defaults to japanese_japan.jeuc.

See "The Connection Dictionary" (page 6) in the OracleEOAdaptor framework introduction for more information on the connection dictionary and its entries.

OracleAdaptor also defines a string constant for use as a key in an exception's userInfo dictionary (see raiseOracleError in the OracleChannel class specification).

Constant Corresponding value in an exception's userInfo dictionary
OracleErrorKey The Oracle OCI client library error code. The value is an NSNumber with the error code as its intValue, a positive number.

Instance Methods


- (NSArray *)connectionKeys

Returns an NSArray containing the keys in the receiver's connection dictionary. You can use this method to prompt the user to supply values for the connection dictionary.


- (NSCalendarDate *)fetchedValueForDateValue:(NSCalendarDate *)date attribute:(EOAttribute *)attribute

Returns an NSCalendarDate based on date whose millisecond value is set to 0.


- (NSNumber *)fetchedValueForNumberValue:(NSNumber *)numberValue attribute:(EOAttribute *)attribute

Returns an NSNumber based on numberValue that has been rounded according to the precision and scale specified for attribute.


- (NSString *)oracleConnectionString

Returns the user name, password, host machine, and server id as a string suitable to be supplied as an argument to orlon().

Table of Contents