Using Combined Directory and File Commands

AFP provides five commands that operate on both files and directories:

The AFP client uses the FPGetFileDirParms command to retrieve the parameters associated with a given file or directory. When it uses this command, the AFP client does not need specify whether the CNode is a file or directory; the file server indicates the CNode’s type in response to this command.

The FPSetFileDirParms command is used to set the parameters of a file or directory. When the AFP client uses this command, it need not specify whether the object is a file or directory. This command allows the AFP client to set only those parameters that are common to both types of CNodes.

The FPRename command is used to rename files and directories.

The FPDelete command is used to delete a file or directory. A file can be deleted only if it is not open; a directory can be deleted only if it is empty.

The FPMoveandRename command is used to move a file or a directory from one parent directory to another on the same volume. The moved CNode can renamed at the same time.