Using Volume Commands

AFP provides the following volume-level commands:

After obtaining the volume names through the FPGetSrvrParms command, the AFP client sends an FPOpenVol command for each volume to which it wants to gain access. If a volume has a password, it must be supplied at this time. The command returns the requested volume parameters, including the volume identifier, VolumeID.

The volume identifier is used in all subsequent commands to identify the volume for which the commands apply and remains valid until the session is terminated by calling FPLogout or the volume is closed by calling FPVolClose.

After obtaining the volume’s volume identifier, the AFP client can obtain the volume’s parameters by calling FPGetVolParms. The AFP client can also change the volume’s parameters by calling FPSetVolParms.

The FPFlush command requests that the server flush (write to disk) any data associated with a particular volume.

The FPCatSearch and FPCatSearchExt commands search a volume for files that match specified criteria. The FPCatSearchExt command differs from the FPCatSearch command in that FPCatSearchExt is prepared to handle the larger values that may be returned for searches on volumes greater than 4 GB in size.