Displaying Web and Multimedia Content

OS X and iOS provide an assortment of APIs to allow you to display web content and streaming multimedia content. In general, if these higher-level multimedia- and web-specific APIs meet your needs, you should use them rather than using networking APIs directly. The sections below briefly summarize these APIs.

Opening Web Content or Streaming Media in the Default Application

To open a webpage or streaming URL in the user’s default browser or media viewer:

Displaying Web Content in Your Application

OS X and iOS provide an easy way to load and display a webpage with the WebKit engine, the same rendering engine used by Safari.

For more information, see Simple Browsing in WebKit Objective-C Programming Guide (OS X) and UIWebView Class Reference (iOS).

Displaying Streaming Multimedia Content in Your Application

There are several frameworks available for displaying streaming multimedia content in OS X and iOS:

For more information, read Getting Started with Audio & Video, Multimedia Programming Guide (iOS), QTKit Application Programming Guide (OS X), and AVFoundation Programming Guide.