Introduction to Porting Drivers to OS X

This book was intended to be used by developers who have existing drivers for other platforms, particularly classic Mac OS and other UNIX-based operating systems. Its goal is to provide you with useful ways to port these non-I/O Kit drivers to OS X with minimal reengineering.

Before you begin porting a device driver to OS X, you should read IOKit Fundamentals.

This book is only relevant if you are porting a driver that resides in the kernel. To find out if this applies to your driver, read Does Your Driver Belong in the Kernel?.

See Also

For information on specific technology areas, you should consult the appropriate API reference in the I/O Kit section of Appleā€™s Technical Publications website.

For more information on the OS X Kernel and the I/O Kit, see the books IOKit Fundamentals and Kernel Programming Guide.

For more information on driver porting, two good sources of information are the Darwin-drivers and Darwin-development mailing lists. For more information, visit