Introduction to QuickTime VR

This book is a comprehensive guide to building and developing interactive QuickTime movies using QuickTime VR, and is part of Apple’s Inside QuickTime: Technical Reference Library. It is intended primarily for content authors, Webmasters, and tool developers who need to understand the fundamentals of QuickTime interactivity and, specifically, how they can incorporate QuickTime VR into their own applications.

This book supersedes all existing documentation, including Programming with QuickTime VR 2.1. It extends the content in those volumes and brings it up to date with the current software release of QuickTime 6.

The book is written as a companion volume to the QuickTime API Reference and supplements the latest documentation and updates to QuickTime that are available at

Organization of This Document

The book is divided into the following chapters:

Conventions Used in This Book

This book provides various conventions to present information. Words that require special treatment appear in specific fonts or font styles. Certain types of information, such as parameter blocks, use special fonts so that you can scan them quickly.

Special Fonts

All code listings, reserved words, and the names of actual data structures, constants, fields, parameters, and functions are shown in Letter Gothic (this is Letter Gothic).

Words that appear in boldface are key terms or concepts that are defined in the glossary.

Types of Notes

There are several types of notes used in this book.

Development Environment

The functions described in this book are available using C interfaces. How you access them depends on the development environment you are using.

Code listings in this book are shown in ANSI C. They suggest methods of using various functions and illustrate techniques for accomplishing particular tasks. Although most code listings have been compiled and tested, Apple Computer Inc., does not intend for you to use these code samples in your application.

Updates to This Book

For any online updates to this book, check the QuickTime developers’ page on the World Wide Web at

or you can go directly to the documentation page at

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