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Xcode Overview

Accessing Resources and Inspecting Elements

The utilities area on the far right of the workspace window gives you quick access to these resources:

  • Inspectors, for viewing and modifying characteristics of the file open in an editor

  • Libraries of ready-made resources for use in your project

The top pane of the utilities area displays inspectors. The bottom pane gives you access to libraries.

image: ../art/XC_O_Util_area_2x.png

Use the inspector bar to choose the inspector best suited to your current task. Two inspectors are always visible in the inspector bar (additional inspectors are available in some editors):

  • image: ../art/XC_O_inspector_file_button_2x.pngFile inspector. View and manage metadata for the selected file. Typically you will localize storyboards and other media files and change settings for user interface files.

  • image: ../art/XC_O_inspector_quick_help_button_2x.pngQuick Help. View details about a symbol, an interface element, or a build setting in the file. For example, Quick Help displays a concise description of a method, where and how the method is declared, its scope, the parameters it takes, and its platform and architecture availability.

Use the library bar to access ready-to-use libraries of resources for your project:

  • image: ../art/XC_O_library_file_templates_button_2x.pngFile templates. Templates for common types of files and code constructs.

  • image: ../art/XC_O_library_code_templates_button_2x.pngCode snippets. Short pieces of source code for use in your software, such as class declarations, control flows, block declarations, and templates for commonly used Apple technologies.

  • image: ../art/XC_O_library_objects_button_2x.pngObjects. Items for your app’s user interface.

  • image: ../art/XC_O_library_media_button_2x.pngMedia. Files containing graphics, icons, sound files, and the like.

To use an item from the library, drag it directly to the appropriate area. For example, to use a code snippet, drag it from the library to the source editor; to create a source file from a file template, drag its template to the project navigator.

To restrict the items displayed in a selected library, type relevant text into the text field in the filter bar. For example, type “button” in the text field to show all the buttons in the Objects library.