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Adding 3D Scenes

Scene Kit is a 3D-rendering framework for iOS and Mac apps. Sprite Kit supports the import, manipulation, and rendering of 3D assets without requiring advanced 3D graphical programming skills on your part. With the Scene Kit editor, you can preview 3D scenes, inspect them for information needed for your source code, and adjust scene object parameters to enhance and fine-tune the rendering for your app.

image: ../Art/Scene_Editor_2x.png

To import a digital asset exchange (DAE) file into the project, use the project navigator. Select a folder in which you want to save the file. Choose File > Add Files, select the file, and click Add. To browse the 3D scene in Xcode, select the DAE file in the project navigator. Xcode opens the file in the Scene Kit editor.

To preview the scene and run animations, use the controls in the Scene Kit editor’s main area. Click the Play button to play an animation. Click the Pause button to pause the animation, and drag the slider to scroll through it. Use the trackpad or mouse to manipulate the point of view.

The inspectors in the utilities area allow you to view and edit information about the node in the scene graph list or the object in the entities list. For example, with the Nodes Attributes inspector, you can adjust camera, light, or geometry attributes, and with the Materials inspector, you can adjust many settings on a material and its properties, such as by selecting a lighting model for it and colors and textures for its contents.

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