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Xcode Overview

Adding Data Sets

Manage the data files for your app using the asset catalog. A file can contain any sort of data except device executable code generated by Xcode. You can use them for JSON files, scripts, or custom data types.

Data sets can have multiple variations of the file based on the memory and graphics capabilities of a device. These attributes are used for creating sliced variants of your app. For more information on slicing, see Slicing (iOS).

image: ../Art/Data_Set_2x.png

Adding Data Sets and Files

Add a new data set by clicking the Add button (+) in an asset catalog and choosing New Data Set. Name the asset, then select any appropriate memory and graphics attributes. This will create one file well for each attribute. In the figure above, MyData has three variants based on checking the 1GB and 2GB memory attributes. The third variant is for devices with less than 1GB of memory.

Add files by dragging them into the appropriate file well.

For more information on data sets, see Asset Catalog Help.