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Xcode Overview

Using Continuous Integration Testing

Xcode supports a continuous integration workflow through the Xcode service. The Xcode service, available in OS X Server, automates the integration process of building, running unit tests, performing static analysis, and archiving your product. The service reports build errors and warnings, static analyzer problems, and unit test failures. All tests, analysis, and archiving are performed on the server.

From Xcode on your development Mac, you create bots that run on a separate server. In addition to running unit tests, bots automatically perform static analysis on your code, build your app, and archive it for distribution to testers or the App Store. Bots help you ensure that your product is always in a releasable state—and when there’s a failure, the service notifies you or the person whose code change caused the failure.

image: ../art/bot_viewer-summary.pdf

For information on setting up and using the service, see Xcode Server and Continuous Integration Guide.