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Customizing the Editor

Choosing Syntax-Aware Fonts and Text Colors

Xcode parses code based on the language, and it assigns a syntactic label to each token or string—for example, each comment, keyword, and class name defined in the project. Xcode assigns a color and font to each syntactic type to make it easier for you to read the code. You can select from several font and color themes by choosing Xcode > Preferences and then selecting Fonts & Colors. For example, the Presentation theme increases the font sizes so that the text is easier to read when projected on a screen. You can also create your own custom font and color themes.

image: ../art/PresentationTheme.png

Customizing Editing and Indenting Options

You can change source editing and indenting settings to suit your preferences. Choose Xcode > Preferences, and select Text Editing to modify options such as these:

  • Display line numbers in the source editor gutter.

  • Automatically insert closing braces as you type.

  • Suggest code completions while you enter code.

  • Use spaces or tabs for an indent.

  • Soft-wrap lines.

  • Perform syntax-aware indenting.