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Finding Help for Interface Builder

Step-by-step instructions for performing common Interface Builder tasks are available directly in Xcode. Control-click anywhere on the Interface Builder canvas to see a short list of the most common operations. Choose Show All Help Topics to see all help articles for the source editor.

image: ../art/IBHelpShortCut.pdf

Because the Control-click key combination is used by Interface Builder to make connections, Control-click the canvas—not any object in the user interface—to get the shortcut menu with the list of help articles.

Select a task, and a help article appears in the Xcode documentation viewer window.

image: ../art/IBHelpArticle.pdf

More help is available in other help books including:

  • Interface Builder Help

  • Interface Builder Connections Help

  • Interface Builder Object and Media Help

  • Storyboard Help

  • Auto Layout Guide

  • Auto Layout Help