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Learning from Detailed User Guides

Apple provides detailed teaching guides for developer tool topics, including iOS Simulator, Instruments, app distribution, and continuous integration. To locate user guides for features in Xcode, use the search bar in the Xcode documentation viewer and look for results under Tools Guides.

image: ../art/ToolsDocSearch.pdf

The Instruments User Guide, for example, explains how to use the Instruments app to examine program behavior. Like many developer tool guides, it begins with a quick start tutorial.

Using Tabs

Use the tab bar in the doc viewer to keep multiple related documents open at once. To create a tab, choose File > New > Tab (or click the Add button (+) in the tab bar).

image: ../art/TabbedDocViewer.pdf

Showing the Table of Contents

To hide or show a list of the chapter and section titles for the document, click the “Table of Contents” button (image: ../art/TOCIcon.pdf) to the left of the search bar .

image: ../art/InstrumentsUserGuide.pdf

Browsing the Documentation

Click the Documentation Navigator button (image: ../art/DocSetNavigator.pdf) to the left of the “Table of Contents” button to display a navigation sidebar. To browse the list of Apple developer documentation installed in Xcode, click the Documentation Library button (image: ../art/DocLibraryIcon.pdf).

image: ../art/DocNavigator.pdf

Searching Documentation

Use the search bar in the Xcode documentation viewer to locate help for a task. In Xcode, choose Help > Documentation and API Reference to display the documentation viewer. As you type in the search field, a menu appears of top search results. Choose a document directly from this menu, or click Show All Results at the bottom to see a comprehensive list of search results.

image: ../art/DocSearch.pdf

Xcode obtains these results by searching through all of the documentation relevant to your project’s SDK. You’ll find results for API symbols listed under API Reference, programming guide results under SDK Guides, and Xcode documentation results under Tools Guides.

Bookmarking Documents

For quicker access to documents that you’ll return to, click the Bookmark icon (image: ../art/BookmarkIcon.pdf) next to a chapter or section title. To display all of your bookmarks, click the Documentation Navigator button (image: ../art/DocSetNavigator.pdf) to display the navigation sidebar, then click the Bookmark button (image: ../art/BookmarkButton.pdf) at the top of the sidebar.

image: ../art/BookmarkArea.png