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Viewing Object Documentation

You can find concise class reference documentation for a user interface object without taking your focus away from Interface Builder. With a file open in Interface Builder, open the utilities area by clicking the right button (image: ../art/TB_ViewUtilities_2x.png) in the view selector in the toolbar. Select the Quick Help button (image: ../art/QuickHelp_2x.png) in the inspector bar. In Interface Builder, click the object about which you want information. Documentation appears in the inspector pane of the utilities area.

image: ../art/QuickHelpIB.pdf

For complete reference information about the object, click the title of the reference document listed in Quick Help. The reference document opens in the documentation viewer window. You can also open relevant programming guides, sample code, and other related documents by clicking their titles in Quick Help.

For additional information about settings you configure in the inspectors, move the pointer over a control in an inspector. A help tag appears.

image: ../art/IBHelpTag.pdf